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on April 3, 2012


Earl Nightingale once said “The woman who does not think to bake an apple pie for dinner tonight will never think the recipe for apple pie. Without the decision for pie there is no motivation to look out the recipe

I believe that for me to use all my potential and enjoy myself working, I have to run my own business. I had many ideas in my mind. For each idea, I feel the “this is it” for a while, but then I hesitate and move on to another idea. I did not figure out “this is it” yet! Until then – until I find the recipe– I will keep looking and I will blog about it.

Here, I will share my ideas in businesses; what potential ideas that can work, what can be improved about a current business, and other principles and modern concepts . I will try to look at things with “fresh eye”. Join me in having “fresh look at” stuff.


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