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It is About Presentation

on April 4, 2012


From the movie Megamind:

Megamind came out of what seems to be a group of small bots in a formation shaped as his mega head. He walked like a performer owning the stage, in his super-devilish-blacked-leather evil suit talking to the real bad Titan saying “u r a villain alright but u r not a super villain”

Replied Titan: oh yeah, what’s the difference?!

Megamind: Presentation … Mowahaha

In my study of marketing, the concept of packaging baffled me. And from what I see in the market, a lot of businesses ignore the presentation and packaging of their products.  What baffled me is how small thing like packaging is studied as a science! Not to mention labeling!! No wonder Steve Jobs said: “I want our customer to feel the experience, the moment they open the package”. Guess what Steve we did :”)

The main function of packaging is to contain the product, promote it, store it, and sometimes ease the use of it. Every single detail matters, from the color of the package to written information. Based on a study, consumer felt the food is healthier when the package is green.

Actually, this concept can be extended to us, to our work. Remember the last report you submitted, how much time you invested in packaging it. If you did not, I advise you that you do.

Not enough said! The picture will say it all (focus on the packaging)

Tea bag

Tea bag







Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds



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4 responses to “It is About Presentation

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I agree that everything involving a product or service must have concordance, which is down to the packaging. It is easy to have a package contradicting the product it holds within.

    • Lymoon says:

      Thanks for dropping by Alex :-).
      You are absolutly right, all should be in concordance. I’ve seen good products in repelling packages :-|.

  2. M@verick says:

    Well said, unfortunately by the time u reach the packaging part u r already exhausted from finishing what ever it is that u r doing & u don’t focus on finishing it off, not realizing that u could be ruining all what u have done.

    • Lymoon says:

      Hi Maverick, yes true. Indeed packaging the last thing the producer do and the first thing the customer see 🙂

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