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The Master Mind Alliance

on April 7, 2012

  • Do you have LOTs of ideas, don’t know where to start?!
  • Do you feel sometimes up and sometimes down?
  • Do you want to put the train on the tracks?

I have a solution for you 🙂

The famous Napoleon Hill, a man of the era of Hendry Ford, Thomas Addison, Graham Bill, and Theodor Roosevelt, advised to have what he called a master mind alliance. It is a group of close friends, who share the same ambition. It is a small group to encourage each other the way each want to be encouraged, after all nobody knows yourself better than you. In this group, you will encourage, challenge, and devil advocate each other. However, there must be rules!

The DOs:

  • The goal is to encourage each other to realize your dreams
  • Think how an idea can work first
  • When it comes to his idea then it is about him. Yep! bite your tong and let him talk. Empathic listening might be very useful.
  • It is about all. So, everybody should have the chance to talk about their “business” issues

The DON”Ts:

  • No one must condemn any ideas, nor acts of others
  • No judgments
  • Don’t give advice unless requested

Actually, I am thinking to name my group (“bite your tong and listen” master alliance group) heehe :-P.  Two to four members are a good number, most importantly that all members are clear about the objective of the group.  It is tricky when it is with friends; meetings will be fun but hey don’t forget what you came here for. Be serious for a while then hang out or hell!, watch a movie ;-). And if you do not have a friend having an ambition, go and make one.

Enough talking, let’s listen to the master himself:

A good website:


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