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In Times of Stress, Write!

on April 9, 2012

Child WrittingSome times when you have a lot of things going into your mind, you feel stressed! Basically, your brain jumps from idea to idea and from task to task, which will magnifies the effect and gives you the feeling of stress. The best way to relief your mind from such situation, is to write. Yep! That’s damn right, write!

Writing has the magical effect of clearing the mind. It is like taking ideas from your mind, putting them on paper, and allowing other ideas to rise up. Jeffery Gitomer advised in his little books series, to write first thing in the morning. After all “the mind is like a pound, you can’t see through until it is clear”, the wise turtle in kung fu panda said.


Mind maps are a great way to lay out general plans. Actually it is a better way to do everything. I almost stopped using conventional note taking techniques long long time ago. In mind maps, you can see the big picture at a glance, relate items together, and let your mind sour between ideas freely. Another tip is to prioritize your tasks, which will lead us to the important/urgent quadrants, mentioned by Steven Covey. Of course you’ll attend to Important-Urgent first, da!

Mind Map vs. Notes

Urgent Important Quadrants

Start writing at your convenience and see how it goes. Use an iPad, iPhone, paper note, or even write directly in a blog. I guess android has a functionality to write notes too!  (just trying to piss off a friend:-P ). So, say hello to your pen and hit it.


mind maps:


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