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Unexpectedly Go Viral

on April 14, 2012

Why some youtube videos make a hit while others don’t?

Understanding this concept can help to promote your business especially at start ups. Social media gives a tool for business to blossom real quick. So, it is essential to now some of its mechanics.

In one of TED talks Mr. Kevin Allocca  ,a guy who watch youtube videos for a living, … hold on! How cool is that 😀 … i have to say it … Ah yeah, he shared some thoughts of hit videos. He pointed out three things; taste makers, creative participation community, and unexpectedness. There are people who give us the cool new things, probably famous celebrities, actors/actress, and show hosts. Those are the taste makers.  In Saudi twitter I would think of @omarhuss, @Fahad @ibhm, @yaserbakr, and others. In today’s media people are no longer watching, they participate, even in the business of news; Yep! CNN watch out! So, having those who participate encouraged helps videos to have wide spread. Also, watching a video unfolding unexpected humor motivates people to share those videos with others. People want to laugh 🙂

Watch this TED talk and you will regret how short it is, I am sure that you’ll ask for more 😉


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