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Focus on “Focus”

on April 27, 2012

Do you know what did Steve Jobs tell Nike New CEO Mark Parker in his first phone call?

Recently, I was showing my new garmin navigation device to a relative when he interrupt me and said: I went to the garmin store and I have seen that they have hundreds of models, so I just left the shop! It was so much headache! To a geek, this doesn’t make any sense… or does it?! In an interesting post, in an eye on saudi blog, my friend Saad has shed light on a recent study concluded that 60% of people want less choices. This is the essence of Steve Jobs message to Mark, or in his wording “cut the crappy products”. When Steve came back to apple in 1998, he killed different products allowing resources to be focused on the important ones. The idea is simple, create a fewer products but do them well.

“Focus” should be the focus, specially at start ups, to have a consentarted products with impression of “wow” instead of ten “meh..” ones. However, customization and diversification is also nice, right! So, How to strike the balance?! In my opinion, first is to really understand the segmants and not over segmant you customers. Second is to have a basic product and allow customization as topping. Like having two colors of iPhone yet gzillions of third party covers.


One response to “Focus on “Focus”

  1. Abu Fawaz says:

    Yes it’s the truth!
    The real success of Apple is “Focus”. When they started their journey in Mobile Phones market, they surprised the world by “Focusing” and they introduced only one set!
    Nowadays, all the world are copying their idea and it is changing the business strategy again.

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