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Please Give Me One Charisma, Extra Hot!

on July 16, 2012

Charismatic Stage Owner; ObamaI have been in a training lately and one guy came in late. Yet, the moment he entered the room, I have felt that he is in a decision-making position. Some people have that charisma? Don’t you feel it?

Charisma might not an essential thing, yet it is good to have. Steve Jobs is one of the world charismatic leaders, he has his unique way to manage the stage and if you read his autobiography, he has his magic in meetings too, “sometimes” at least. Steve knew that, actually he practiced it. He even practiced his blunt hollow soulless stare.

Charisma can be learned and it is simple. It just need to be natural, so yes! the 3 Ps rule apply; practice practice practice. It is important to bear in mind that having a charisma is nothing if you don’t have a context! Though it might give you a short-term boost. I recall a short line from the movie, catch me if you can, “the man who doesn’t do anything wrong, doesn’t have anything to fear”, so he acted fearlessly, which gave him an authentic charisma. In my opinion, what can give your charisma a jump-start is to pick up a character, mimic it, add your special sauce, and the stage is all yours.

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