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The Ever Lasting Motivation!

Full Motivation GaugeIn my readings about successful people, I have noticed a pattern. In one point of their lives, they become devastated and shattered and then… yeah … then they started to read about success. The story goes something like this, I went to the library for days and weeks. I kept reading every book I found about success, then I realized my purpose and knew what I wanted to do. So, what did this excessive reading did to them?

I don’t know really! But I might be able to guess that they have built a motivational foundation that they can rely on for longer period. It is like a recovery point, so when ever they face difficulty, they recall this knowledge and may even refer back to the book they read.

But, is this foundation enough? Zig Ziglar doesn’t think so and I agree with him. He said: people often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. One may ask,what is the thing that if you do daily you are sure that it will have a positive impact in the future? This question asked by the great teacher who passed away recently, Mr. Steven Covey, may god bless his soul. The good news about it that it is fully customizable. For some people it might be meditation, for others it might be writing or watching TV, Nah I’m kidding :-D. For me I guess it is exercise and reading. Watching TV is what consumes me. This little things we do will sure have a positive impact on our motivation.

 So, what is your thing 🙂 ?