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Thoughts About Liza Lay’s Compaign

Liza Lay's

Probably you have watched the Lay’s campaign in TV and social media, if you didn’t here it is below. The idea is breliant, to have people contribute in social media, facebook and twitter, which will associate people with the brand.   However, the way it was implemented was a disaster!

The Character

What was they thinking choosing a potato lady as a character! Seriously potato! We hate ourselves sometime when we are not in shape let alone looking like a potato! They even create a whole family of potato-shaped members having an argument about a flavor. What message in family fight!

The Interview Ad

They interviewed people singing their flavors in a ridiculously manner. Ok, you may argue that it is contravertial as some people think it is less formal and fun, then no problamo I’ll give you that. But what do you say  to the suggestion of having caramel and watermelon flavors! Isn’t that gross? It redicules people taste! What next Lay’s?  nuttella and white cheese!

It Can Be Better

From my point of view, they should first concentrate on the segmant, I would suggest “youth”. Since it is not healthy they might concentrate on the fun part of it. Young people eat chips in fun times, gatherings, parties, watching football matches, or movies. Then the character can be a cool looking young fellow instead of potatochip-shaped lady. Second, the interview ad can be filmed in partying, or watching game environment with humorous touch. Third, the cash reward for wining flavor is nice, yet I prefer a tangible experiance, a   simple one will do like dinner in fancy restaurant or a trip. Fourth, mall campaigns and tryouts of winning flavors, then posting it in social media and vise versa. In the case of Lay’s, I see they got the concept right but the implementation was horrible :-(.

Tell me, What do you think? Was I overwhilmed? Or not? What do you suggest to make it better?